Board of Directors


Jill Cullinan, Co-Founder


Director of Fundraising and Outreach

“When Casey was taken from us my entire world was flipped upside down. Watching her family grieve was one of the hardest things I have ever witnessed in my lifetime, and through Project BRAVE I am determined to save as many families as I can from that same fate. With a curriculum focused on teaching kids what healthy relationships look like, I’m confident that our program can accomplish that goal.”

For over a decade, Jill has been an outspoken advocate for ending the cycle of domestic violence. As a person who experienced intimate partner abuse over a seven year period in a prior relationship, she brings a unique perspective to Project BRAVE as both victim and survivor. Through her experiences she has been able to connect with and inspire others who struggle with PTSD from various forms of abuse.


Megan Gipson, LCSW, Ed.M, Co-Founder

Vice President

Co-Director of Program Development, Resources and Social Media

"Casey was my next door neighbor and friend. We shared stories about our kids, supplies for school projects and ingredients for making cookies. My dad called her Dr. PJ's because she was often at my house in her pajamas and slippers. The one thing she didn't share with me in time was the abuse in her relationship with her new husband. It is my hope that Project BRAVE will help build awareness about healthy relationships and open up lines of communication between friends, families, schools and communities."

Megan works part-time as a mental health therapist. She earned her BA in Psychology from Georgetown University, and she followed that with a Masters in Education from Harvard University, specializing in Risk & Prevention. Megan later earned her Masters in Social Work from Boston College and is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Texas.


Stephanie Liane, MBA, Co-Founder

Chief Operating Officer

Director of Business Development, Volunteer Coordinator

“I’m excited to be a part of an organization that teaches children how to create and maintain healthy relationships throughout their lifetime. This is all in the effort to prevent future domestic and intimate partner violence. With this education and knowledge, I hope that it will give them a voice so that they will not be part of the one in three women and the one in six men who have been physically or sexually abused."

Stephanie brings over 20 years of experience in helping organizations strategically design and manage their operation and client service organizations. Currently, Stephanie serves as a Director of World Wide Operations for a Fortune 300 Human Capital Management Organization.


Eduardo Morales


Legal Counsel

"Only through educational programs tailored to promote understanding and respect for one’s self and for others through advocacy, conflict resolution and education will we be able to eliminate domestic violence. My goal is to bring a legal perspective to the Board of Directors as we implement and establish Project BRAVE as a keystone program to ensure that men and women respect their partners."

Mr. Morales specializes in tax and estate planning for domestic and international persons, estate and trust administration, fiduciary litigation and business transactions. He has been recognized three times as one of San Antonio’s Best Lawyers: Estate Planning and Probate, Scene in S.A. (2009, 2011 and 2014).

Headshot for WebsiteErica Rosentraub Shapiro, PhD


Co-Director of Program Development, Best Practices Advisor

Erica is a social worker at the illustrious Keystone School in San Antonio, as well as being a licensed psychologist in the State of Texas. She leads community implementation of evidence-based practices within the public mental health system and the empirical evaluation of such programs. Erica earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where her research efforts focused on the deleterious effects of domestic violence on children. Erica is honored to be a part of Project BRAVE and continue her passion for creating and supporting high quality interventions and prevention programs for children and families.

Erin Beltran, MBA

Director of Expansion

"I am honored to be a part of Project Brave’s mission to teach our children about the importance of healthy relationships by empowering them with awareness, empathy, and self-confidence. As a mother to two little girls, I believe Project Brave will be an indispensable life tool for navigating relationships both now and in the future."

A proud military spouse and mother to two wonderful girls, Erin is excited to provide her background in finance to help ensure that Project Brave honors the legacy of Casey. Erin holds a BA in Economics from The College of the Holy Cross and a MBA in Finance from Bryant University. She has worked both in the financial industry and in the nonprofit world and has served in several volunteer leadership roles over the years.

Tori Streff

Director of Educational Outreach

Tori is the point of contact for all Books Of Bravery libraries, from installation to implementation. She works directly with guidance counselors, faculty, and staff on how to best integrate the mission of Project Brave into their school or youth center. Tori grew up in the Texas school system as her mother spent much of her career teaching at a title one school.